Use These 8 Tips to Improve Your Marriage

Article by Cathy Jones

Isn’t it amazing that our marriage relationships can bring us both intense joy and intense frustration? How can something that is so wonderful seem so terrible at times? This is the nature of human relationships. When you bring two people from very different background together there are bound to be issues.

Communicate. Have you noticed that in almost every relationship article you will read, communication is a big part of it? That is because good communication is vital for a healthy relationship. If you can’t communicate how will you resolve the problems as they occur? By being able to have a healthy conversation you can learn to overcome problems and avoid bigger ones because of misunderstandings.Forgive and ask for forgiveness. This goes along with communication. If you are wrong admit it and if you caused hurt apologize. Admitting we are wrong is a hard thing to do. We are naturally prideful and we don’t want to admit our shortcomings. However, forgiving and asking for forgiveness is a way that your relationship can bond. Your feelings are raw and you are full of humility when you ask for forgiveness. It is the perfect circumstance for growth.Play together. We all know couples, or maybe we are this type of couple, who have different hobbies and interests. This is fine, but you should have activities that you like to do together. Whether it be playing a game of golf, going for a bike ride or playing a board game. Spending time together doing leisure activities gives you common ground which is important for a marriage.Work together. A happy marriage isn’t all play! Spending time doing tedious chores together can be one of the most bonding activities you can do. There will be no hard feelings because one partner did all the work while the other played. Plus, you will both have satisfaction in a job well done. Whether it is working in the yard, cooking dinner, or bathing the kids, working together is good for a healthy relationship.Make love. Now I am not talking about sex in general, but truly making love. Making love involves emotional reactions, not just physical ones. Talk to your partner, caress in a loving way, and connect on a deeper level. You will find as you bring love into your love making it will become more meaningful. Be there. Are you really there for your spouse when they need you? If your partner has a bad day at work, do you let them talk about it freely or do your interrupt with your own thoughts? Sometimes all a person needs is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. By becoming that person, your spouse will develop a deeper love and appreciation for you.Compliment! Everyone likes to be told they have done a great job, and marriage partners are no different. Do you remember the last time you told your wife that dinner was great? How long ago did you tell your husband thanks for mowing the lawn? Compliment even everyday tasks. Your spouse will appreciate it.Express your love. We get caught up in our busy lives and we tend to forget to express our feelings. Take the time every day to sincerely tell your spouse how much you love them. Not just a casual ‘love you’ at the end of a phone call, although that is important to. But a meaningful embrace and a genuine expression of loveA happy marriage is a wonderful thing, but it takes work from both parties. Make sure your spouse and your marriage are your number one priority – your happiness depends on it!

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Cathy is a freelance writer who enjoys gardening and the outdoors. She and her husband love to entertain outdoors and use a convenient patio cart to serve their guests. As an avid gardener, Cathy realizes the importance of a great yard cart to keep her supplies organized while she works!

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