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Let’s start off by stating to improve marriage is a work in progress but definitely worth the time and effort. If you are having marital problems or have a good marriage but want to make it great then you are 10 steps ahead of most couples who simply do nothing and either end up separated, divorced or miserable for life.

I’m glad that won’t be your case because you have already proven that you are willing to do the needed things to improve your marriage by researching and studying information on the internet.

Below is some ideas on how to improve your marriage. After this you can visit some more articles and get more information on improving your marriage as well as check back here often for the latest information.

Improve Marriage

Learning to appreciate your spouse is a hard thing to do from time to time.  When you decide to do this please make sure you are focusing on the end result as this will help you to improve marriage in time.

It’s very easy to uncover faults with your spouse and as time goes by those shortcomings will be more obvious and irritating. Complaining about minor unimportant things will do more damage than good for your marriage, obviously.

Let me tell you a story I once heard of a young lady complaining about how her husband would leave hair in the shower and forget to put the toilet seat down. Then another elderly lady told how she wished her deceased husband was still around to clean up after.

The young ladies viewpoint was changed and she began to look for ways to enjoy her husband instead of ways to rip him apart.

If you really want to improve your marriage you might want to consider changing some of your ways and stop concentrating on your spouse. I’m sure you feel like if your spouse would just change in certain areas your marriage and life would be great.

Sure you would be happier but your spouse could be miserable and instead of improving your marriage your marriage might need a little rescuing after your spouse gets feed up.

My recommendation would be that you invest some time and energy in transforming your self to make your marriage the best it can be. See if you can improve on any of these:

Improve marriage in these two areas

Conversation – How you speak to your spouse i.e., tone, sarcasm, looks or willingness to be open and sincere.

Intimacy – Have you been as intimate, spontaneous and loving as you can be? Improve marriage by being the irresistible love bug you were when you first met.