When Your Wife Isn’t Happy – Ways to Improve Your Marriage Starting Now

When Your Wife Isn’t Happy – Ways to Improve Your Marriage Starting Now

Article by Gillian Reynolds

When your wife isn’t happy it will impact everything about your marriage. Once a woman starts to feel unsatisfied within her relationship with her husband, the entire dynamic between them begins to shift. Her emotions may dictate her actions and it can leave her feeling very vulnerable and highly emotional. If you’re a man who is living in this type of situation now, you have a lot to juggle. If you love your wife you naturally want to do whatever you can to brighten her spirits. The problem is that you may not know exactly how to go about accomplishing that.

If your wife isn’t happy you have to bite the bullet and sit down and talk with her, openly and honestly about the state of your marriage. You have to concede to listening to her carefully and absorbing everything she tells you. This type of conversation is often emotionally charged and can lead to an argument if you don’t temper your response. This is your only real chance to get to the bottom of your wife’s unhappiness and to learn what you can be doing differently to ensure she feels better. Take what she tells you and make some positive changes to yourself and to how you interact with her.

Small gestures can hold a very big impact when you’re married. There’s a reason why women love getting flowers from the man in their life. It’s a symbol that you were thinking of her. Surprise her in this way from time-to-time. Also do things that you know she’d really appreciate. That may be something like taking care of the kids for an entire Saturday so she can go out with a friend on a window shopping excursion and to have lunch. Think about the things you know your wife would love and then set out to do those for her.

Tell her more often how you feel about her. As a marriage settles into a predictable routine it’s easy to start neglecting your partner and their emotional needs. Your wife wants and needs to know that you’re still wild about her. Tell her as much each and every chance you get. Send her a flirty text message in the middle of the day or leave a love letter on her pillow at night. She needs to feel cherished and adored. If you can make her feel that, she’s likely to feel happier and much more fulfilled within your marriage.

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