Stop Snoring and Improve Your Marriage

Article by Gloria Morson

Who would have thought that something so simple as taking the steps to stop snoring could have such a dramatic impact on your marriage? It is so simple, yet makes perfect sense. The effect that snoring can have on a relationship is astounding. Think about it. If one partner is snoring at night, it is likely keeping the other person awake. This can lead to a variety of marital issues that can quickly escalate until it is out of control.

If a person is keeping his or her partner up at night with their snoring, then the person who is being kept awake is most likely suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation will make a person irritable and impatient. This can lead to arguments and squabbling. It can also make the person less tolerant of the little quirks that their partner has. Leaving the cap off of the toothpaste could lead to a meltdown simply because the sleep deprived person is so stressed and tired that every little thing is like a huge affront to them personally.

This is why it is so important to stop snoring. When your spouse is so exhausted, they will feel overwhelmed by even the smallest thing. Something insignificant to you (and normally insignificant to them) is suddenly a major deal when their patience is worn thin due to lack of sleep. They may snap at people over the smallest things. What’s worse, their irritation will not just be directed to you, it can flood over onto friends, family, even the kids.

Plus, if you are snoring, you probably aren’t getting the good night’s sleep that you should, so you are likely cranky at times too. If you were able to stop snoring, think of how much better your life could be – and that of your spouse. It could completely change your marriage. It could completely change your life.

Another problem with snoring is that resent can build up in your partner because they feel as if you could do something about it is you really wanted to. They may feel that you could do some anti snoring exercises or do something to correct the problem. They may feel that if you really cared about them, that you would take steps to stop snoring so that they could get the rest that they need. And if you continue snoring without even trying to find a remedy, that could drive your partner to another room to sleep. Regularly sleeping apart is not a good thing for a married couple.

When the marital bed is disrupted, then other more serious issues may ensue. The rift grows wider, resentment builds and you drift apart. When you trace larger, devastating marital problems down to the root, there are times that it points to something seemingly small that was allowed to grow bigger and bigger, taking over the marriage until the symptoms stemming from that small problem overtook the marriage itself.

If you snore, learn some anti snoring exercises. Don’t wait until it is too big and out of control and then try to get a handle on the situation. Do it now and stop snoring. You just might save your marriage.

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