My Wife Says She’s Not Happy Anymore – Ways to Improve Your Marriage Now

My Wife Says She’s Not Happy Anymore – Ways to Improve Your Marriage Now

Article by Gillian Reynolds

Your wife says she’s not happy anymore. That’s difficult to hear. If you love her, it’s an even harder pill to swallow. You feel as though you’re doing everything in your power to afford her a satisfying, comfortable life. Yet, she tells you frequently that she’s no longer fulfilled or that her life hasn’t turned out the way she imagined. It’s impossible not to feel emotional pain when she expresses thoughts like this. You have to be strong though and determined. If you want your marriage to be mutually gratifying, you obviously need to make some changes. You can ensure your wife is happier by just taking a few small, but very important, steps.

Her own lack of fulfillment as a woman may be the reason your wife says she’s not happy anymore. Many women, after they become wives and mothers, feel a sense of loss. Although they relish their position in the family, they feel saddened by the fact that they gave up their career or that they haven’t chased their own dreams. Talk to your wife about her own personal goals. Let her know that you’re supportive of whatever she wants to do. Make it clear that you’ll take on a more present role in the family if she needs more time to herself to pursue her own dreams. This will help her feel validated as a person and will also show her how much you truly care for her.

If your wife has expressed unhappiness that is related directly to your marriage, that’s another story. She may be feeling neglected or underappreciated by you. Couples fall into a pattern fairly soon after the wedding. All the romancing that was there before the “I do’s”, is replaced by worrying about schedules and finances. By backtracking and rediscovering your own romantic side you may see a noticeable change in how happy your wife is. Starting today do the things for her that you used to do when you were trying to win her heart. Bring her flowers, write her a love poem and give her back massages. Make her understand, through your actions, that she’s still the woman you most desire and love.

Telling her you love her more can help immensely if your wife isn’t feeling as close to you as she once did. We sometimes forget to express what we’re feeling for our spouse. Make sure that you tell her on a daily basis. Hug her and kiss her and hold her whenever you can. If she feels cherished and adored, she’ll also feel much more content.

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