Marriage problems, small or big don’t appear accidentally. They commonly create over a period of time. You will tend to notice signs that something is wrong. You will need to act on these symptoms as you see them. 

12/09/2011 Seattle, WA – Arriane Humphries and her spouse Bob have been married for almost 10 years. “These days, I can say that my husband and I are contentedly married, but that hasn’t always been the way it is though. But, maybe some 6 years ago, we went through this stage where we were constantly fighting. I really resented hearing myself during those fights. I was making it sound like I did not care about the man and that wasn’t the truth at all. We did find a therapist who helped us, plus I found really great publications on the subject.” Humphries also recommends taking the time to visit the web site 

One of the first things that passes when you find yourself having issues is communication. At some point, husbands and wives either do no nothing but argue while some just stop talking all in all. Most will still talk, but not the sort of talk that keeps a marriage going. You have to be mindful of the latter because it can come up on you silently. It might start out as apathy,  but in no time, you may find yourself not being able to answer important marriage questions

Act on it as soon as you see problems in how you and your other half converse. Sit your partner down and start talking, question them what’s wrong and work together to find a solution. 

A lot of couples have a problems with the lack of intimacy. Sex is a part of it, but it is not all that closeness stands for. You could loose intimacy but still have intercourse. One thing you have to look out for is the lack of the caring touch. You know, the simple, spontaneous touches now and then that show your companion your emotions about them. This one of the biggest unhappy marriage signs that you need to look out for. 

Another important concern you have to look out for is fighting. This is very challenging because some people will tell you that it’s only typical to fight. I don’t really agree. Yes, to some degree, fighting is ok, but it should not get to that exaggerated point. You will find plenty of marriage problems and solutions, they do not always have to end in a fight.. I always say that a well adjusted husband and wife manages their differences even before it becomes a blown out fight. Nip those arguments in the bud and do a little first aid. 

These are a few of the signals you have to be aware of. The most important thing here is that you handle the situation as best you can. 

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