Marriage Counseling in Orange County – A Way to Heal Your Relationship

Article by Dr. Robert Puff

Communication problems, intimacy and sexual issues, anger and stress can create difficulties in an otherwise happy married relationship. To help resolve such issues, many couples in Orange County wisely seek the advice of a marriage counselor to help heal the relationship. Certain basic aspects of marriage counseling are explored below.

Living in Orange County is a wonderful experience, but an otherwise happy existence can be spoiled by problems in a married relationship. Such problems can have far-reaching consequences for the couple, for their families and for friendships. No matter how enjoyable a couple’s married life is, a rough patch can occur at anytime in the marriage. A small problem between you and your partner can affect both of your daily lives and the entire relationship. When these rough patches arise, there is no need to panic or give up. Many couples face marital difficulty issues. Attempting to resolve these issues without assistance may not be the wisest choice. Seeking advice from an qualified, experienced marriage counselor can help greatly, and Orange County residents are fortunate to have one of the most highly respected in Dr. Robert Puff, a practicing clinical psychologist who maintains multiple offices in the area.

Marriage counseling, sometimes called couples’ therapy, can help deal with various issues related to married life. Professional counseling can help resolve marital problems and improve the relationship. With the guidance of a licensed therapist, marriage counseling can help the couple make the sometimes tough but always important decisions about fixing their relationship or separating from each other.

Marriage counseling is generally a short term therapy, but each specific counseling plan depends on the situation and circumstances.

Counseling helps couples address their disagreements in an appropriate manner. It can also teach various problem-solving skills, such as anger management, stress management and conflict management.

Counseling can also help increase a couple’s emotional and physical intimacy. Sexual issues in a couple’s married life are reason enough consider marriage counseling. A counselor can help partners reconnect with each other. For many couples, it can be embarrassing to talk about their sexual relations with a stranger, but seeking help is important and a qualified therapist can create an atmosphere in which it becomes easier to discuss even the most intimate issues. Couples having such issues, if they truly want to save their marriage and resolve these issues, should not hesitate to discuss sexual issues in couples’ therapy.

People whose marriages are suffering from infidelity can also derive benefits from marriage counseling. Appropriate therapy can help restart a married life in many different ways.

Marriage counseling helps improve communication between partners. Good communication is the key to a happy and enjoyable married life. Marriage therapists in Orange County, including Dr. Puff, can offer some simple tips for better communication between spouses. They can learn how to express their feelings, talk openly about sex issues, etc.

If you are uncertain whether marriage counseling would be helpful, contact a marriage counselor by phone or email and discuss your circumstances. Seek advice from a qualified and experienced therapist; then arrange an appointment to begin resolving your issues.

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