Diamond Bridal Jewelry – An Everlasting Symbol of Marriage

Article by May Yeates

Have you ever wondered exactly why plenty of people choose diamonds for their engagement ring? Where did this exercise begin from? Why are diamonds considered as an ultimate token of engagement and marriage?

Take a couple for instance. It’s impossible they’ll pick any gemstone aside from the expensive diamond for their engagement ring. Doesn’t make a difference if it’s a small karat size – what matters is the idea that the engagement ring is a diamond.

For centuries, diamonds as a bridal jewelry have been popular as a universal representation of eternal love and commitment. This is primarily because of the fact that diamonds are beautiful, strong, and durable and this is usually what soon to be married couples wish to have as well for their marriage.

Where and exactly how did it begin or originate from?

The custom began when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. It was then regarded as the start of the lasting custom of gifting an engagement ring before the marriage. It’s also believed that after that, it started to be wide spread to many wealthy and famous people around the globe.

Do you know that it was only until 1870 that diamonds were distributed around the public? During the last years before 1870, it was believed that diamonds were only restricted to the richest and noblest families. Not right up until several diamond mines were found in South Africa, saw a great increase in availability and affordability of diamonds. As the supply improved, the market was bombarded with a newfound diamond supplies and sales started to blossom in Europe and in the United States. It was until the late 1930s when the United States took over as premium marketplace for high-quality diamonds and has made diamonds as a common choice in the United States.

Diamonds as a wedding jewelry

Some people think that when an engagement ring is provided, it ought to be worn on the left ring finger. The explanation for this began with an ancient tradition from Greece. They reckoned the vein situated in that finger is directly connected to the heart. And so this ought to be the perfect location of an engagement ring. And even today in our generation, it’s being widely put to use by lots of engaged couples.

Today, Diamonds are still the ideal choice for future married couples for their engagement. It’s because, similar to the diamonds they are wishing that their future relationship will continue strongly and beautifully forever.


Diamonds as a popular bridal jewelry has been one of the main traditions in every wedding. Let us hope every marriage to be like a diamond that never fades, always strong, always firm and can continue forever. Having said that, we have to admit that not every couple can afford this and this doesn’t imply that their relationship will never continue. Diamonds represent forever, it’s constantly up to the couple about how can they make their relationship work, by loving, respecting and valuing one another.

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